World exclusive preview of the JIA Hybrid electric Chieftain at Salon Privé London 2022

Due for a full launch later in 2022, the new Hybrid Electric Chieftain is the latest re-engineered Range Rover Classic from class leaders JIA.

This exceptional piece of engineering builds on JIA’s bespoke chassis upgrades by blending modern V8 power with a fully in house designed and built EV solution, which is also available in a full EV variant.

Exclusive to Salon Privé London in April 2022, this USA-bound car is available to view with the interior removed to showcase the level of work that it takes to bring such an ambitious project to fruition.

Not to be confused with a retro-fit EV solution, this is a ground-up engineering exercise to bring the iconic Range Rover Classic fully up to date as a high performance bespoke vehicle with environmentally sound credentials.

Says David Duerden, MD:

“Our latest Chieftain aims to move the whole concept of classic vehicle electrification into another sphere. Whether as hybrid or full EV we believe that our radical approach to re-engineering delivers the most integrated package available in the bespoke market. These are expensive machines and they need to deliver a customer experience in line with their exclusivity and cost”

In a burgeoning market sector, JIA stand out as a long established player and their “engineering-first” ethos has stood the test of time. By producing vehicles which retain their original charm but substitute modern underpinnings for the antiquated originals, JIA deliver some of the best and most surprising classic cars which are truly capable of daily use.

Bespoke-built Chieftains can be ordered now via and low volume production guarantees exclusivity.

These are undoubtedly the best Classic Range Rovers on the planet and fans will not be disappointed.

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