The Revolution has begun with Laffite Automobili

Announced a month ago, the new electric hypercar manufacturer Laffite Automobili will create a revolution by unveiling its first models in a historic and resounding event at the Miami Grand Prix. At the very heart of the F1 village, Laffite Automobili will present its three first models, the LM1, the Atrax, and the Barchetta, as well as their first two variations, the Atrax Stradale and the Barchetta Coupe.

These first vehicles embody the philosophy and soul that Pascal Cohen and Bruno Laffite, the two founders, have instilled in this incredible brand: race cars homologated for the road. Laffite Automobili, which draws its DNA from competition, luxury, lifestyle, and human values. Their two founders, nicknamed the “Gemelli” (twins in Italian), worked to bring together a prestigious team capable of bringing their vision to life. After five years of massive investments, research and development, the two partners and their collaborators have managed to meet the most extreme requirements in terms of design, engineering, and performance, and thus fundamentally redefine the world of Hypercars.

“For Bruno as for me,” declares Pascal Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Laffite Automobili, “our primary goal was to create a brand that brings together the large family of motorsports. It’s something unique, historic. That’s why I immediately had at heart not to produce one, but three cars and to immediately create this exceptional range of products. We are currently the only ones to offer these three types of cars, two of which are positioned in two completely innovative segments, the LM1 and the Atrax. We wanted to meet the very different expectations of our collectors. And the best is yet to come.”

Drawing on the talent and experience of their partners GFG Style for the design and LM Gianetti for research, development, and production, Laffite Automobili has created a range of stunning cars inspired by motor racing but intended solely for the road. Combining aesthetics, elegance, and performance while blending luxury, comfort, and technology, Laffite Automobili Hypercars are in tune with the times – 100% electric, yet also 100% audible. A revolutionary sound system, coupled with the motor, generates the melody of the most beautiful race engines to deliver the emotion that accompanies the passion for automobiles. They are also all equipped with Pirelli tires, the official Italian supplier of the brand.

A true work of art, delivered in a very limited edition (between 24 and 26 copies), each model from Laffite Automobili is designed as a unique car. Each part that makes up the vehicles of the Italian company has been thought out, designed and approved with unparalleled selectivity. The hypercar manufacturer also wants to extend this invitation to excellence beyond the automotive world. Laffite Automobili wants to expand its vision of luxury and lifestyle into different universes where it can celebrate and showcase the brand’s identity in terms of refinement and exclusivity.

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