Manifattura Automobili Torino reveals “Jewelry” line and its first Jewel

Manifattura Automobili Torino is a boutique car manufacturer that over the past few years has developed both one-off cars and limited series production runs such as the New Stratos and the Aspark Owl. Today, M.A.T. presents its new project: the “Jewelry” line.

Jewelry stands for beauty, attention to detail and high-end materials, but these are not the only highlights of this line: M.A.T.’s will is to go back to the origins of car-building art, making handmade vehicles that take inspiration from legendary cars from the past through a completely bespoke process that is described in three steps: Design&Research, Engineering and Craftsmanship.

Design and Research, where an inspiration is chosen, studied, thoroughly understood, re-designed and re-imagined around its Client.
Engineering, where modernity and tradition are merged, and where technology meets and guides the set-up of every car.

Craftsmanship, where every single component is built and assembled by hand, with care and maniacal attention to details, and where every single metal panel is shaped in a “past century way of doing things” by M.A.T. artisans staying true to the original “carrozzerie” spirit. Even the Chassis and the mechanical components will be specific for each Jewel, shaped following modern technologies, but without clouding the essence of the car.

M.A.T. ‘s first Jewel is inspired by the iconic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Not a simple task, indeed, to transmit the emotions that such a car could inspire. Despite this, M.A.T. people were able to capture its essence and bring back its legendary spirit in a new, classic and at the same time modern, form.

“The inspiration for this line came from the tradition and craftsmanship of the italian Carrozzieri, unique in the creation of incredible shapes, together with the concept of the Swiss watchmakers who only did a watch per year, by hand, during the winter.” said Paolo Garella, M.A.T.’s founder and CEO, “The same concept is borrowed for our newest line: our people are still able today to manufacture, one by one, gorgeous cars. We want to keep the Turin handmade car-building tradition alive. In order to do that, we plan to concentrate our expertise and dedication on one or two jewels per year: the quality of what we do, and the endless quest for beauty, together with our Client’s satisfaction, are our top priority”.

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