Tushek builds exquisite race-bred hypercars with key focus on low weight and pure balance of power to weight ratio. The guiding principles of manufacturing make use of innovative drivetrain technologies to achieve the purest handling characteristics on and off track, combined with an utmost dedication to detailed quality of construction. Founded in 2008 by Aljosa Tušek, the Slovenian racing champion, the Company hails its commitment to the purpose of building the ultimate driver’s car. Tushek has produced to date 4 models and gained worldwide acknowledgment for its performance, quality and, most especially, for the firsthand application of new technologies for automotive use. The Tushek TS 900 Apex, Company’s latest model to start production, is known as the “World’s lightest hybrid hypercar” achieving the 1:1 Power to Weight Ratio by using aviation grade electric drive technologies combined with a high-performance ICU, producing a total combined output of over 1350 HP for a weight of under 1350 KG. All Tushek cars are produced on limited series only, with a high degree of customer personalization options, but limited to parts not affecting performance.

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