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Thornton Hundred represent the epitome of engineering and class within the Custom British built Triumph Motorcycles sector. Based on brand new Triumph Motorcycles sourced at the Factory 40 miles north in Hinckley, each machine is carefully hand-built in their facility just outside of London with all the initial Design work, Computer aided design, manufacturing and assembly being carried out in-house.

Thornton Hundred have cemented their brand as a strong foundation for the custom motorcycle scene in the UK. Starting a mere 6 years ago, founder Jody Millhouse has built a prestige brand worthy of reimagining the revered Triumph Motorcycles. Quality and precision are forefront in their design process with each product enduring rigorous testing through computer aided stress analysis, this allows them to push the boundaries of design possibilities through products such as the world’s first passenger seat conversion on the Triumph Bobber, along with more performance-based projects such as their 300hp Triumph bobber drag bike.

Thornton Hundreds’ emphasis on quality and bold design has amassed them a vast following online with nearly 600,000 followers across their social media platforms, gaining attention from the prestige GQ magazine and nearly every motorcycle platform on earth. This has allowed them to capture the imaginations of riders to be, along with established riders and a few celebrity clients who own nearly half of their current build portfolio.

With an ethos of ‘anything is possible’, Thornton Hundred will seek to fulfil any customer needs or requirements from aesthetic improvements such as billet CNC machined components, to creating performance focused machines or even touring bikes with comfort in mind. The team of dedicated and friendly staff will help you from the design conception stage all the way through to delivering it to your doorstep, all whilst creating a unique experience as if you were building it alongside them.

Address: 43 Waterside Barns Lodge Business Centre
Milton Keynes
MK19 7ES
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 109844
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