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Polestar exists to create new forms of electric performance, defined by minimalistic design, technological innovations, and sustainable solutions. To show a better way.

Led by design, Polestar use it as a tool to create products and experiences that bring about a cleaner, more sustainable future. That makes the right choice and the desirable choice one and the same.

At Salon Privé 2024, Polestar will be showcasing both the Polestar 3, the SUV for the electric age, and the new Polestar 4, an electric SUV coupé. It transforms the aerodynamics of a coupé and the space of an SUV into a new breed of SUV coupé.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be amongst some of the first in the UK to see the Polestar 4.

Address: Building 145, Bicester Heritage
Launton Bicester
OX27 8AL
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0808) 1348372
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