Imagine an E-Type that never goes out of tune. Imagine a Jensen Interceptor that starts every time. Imagine jumping into your classic car and knowing you’re going to get home again. Imagine exciting, trouble-free motoring that is still completely classic.

Oxford-based Electrogenic develops tailor-made fully-reversible electric vehicle drivetrain systems using its world-leading, proprietary technology. Electrogenic made its name sympathetically converting beautiful classic cars to all-electric drive and continues to carry out hand-crafted bespoke conversions in the UK for individual clients. Electrogenic also delivers complete EV drivetrain and conversion systems to OEMs and installers around the world.

How do they do it?

  • They start with your vision of how you want to drive your car
  • They guide you through your options – motors, range, gears or no gears, charging and what you see on the dashboard
  • Then they build it and test it, consulting you along the way
  • They then invite you to drive it for the first time at Bicester Heritage, where you decide the final adjustments to tailor it to your driving style.

What is the result? A car that is completely classic, exciting to drive, fit for the modern world and a pleasure to own.

Powered by Electrogenic
Electrogenic now offers its market-leading EV drivetrain systems to a global audience via its technology arm, ‘Powered by Electrogenic’, delivering sophisticated ‘drop-in’ EV kits for the world’s most iconic vehicles. The revolutionary ‘plug-and-play’ kit range now includes options for the Land Rover Defender, classic Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-Type, and is offered in the UK and internationally via Electrogenic’s rapidly expanding dealer/installer network.

Electrogenic also leverages its sector-leading technical knowledge to develop ‘turn-key’ EV drivetrain solutions for car manufacturers (OEMs).

Address: Unit 1, Station Field Industrial Estate
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (01865) 604343
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