DK Engineering specialise in all aspects of Ferrari. Since their founding in 1977 by David and Kate Cottingham, they have played a very active role in both the ownership and competition participation over the past 50 years with Ferrari motor cars. This has given them first-hand experience, knowledge and learnings with the marque to maintain, restore, compete and enjoy.

DK Engineering workshop services range from turn-key restorations to competition and concours preparation alongside routine service work on everything from the very earliest cars to more contemporary models. Their extensive international client base validates the quality of their work and their commitment to the provision of excellence.

Today, their team has grown to nearly 50 full time employees helping to ensure the smooth running of the business. The sales side of the business is recognised as a world leader in the industry and in recent years DK have been responsible for a healthy number of world record deals, including a string of McLaren F1s and 250 GT SWBs.

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