Over the last couple of years, we’ve learned to appreciate the great outdoors more than ever before. The rise in popularity of biophilic design is the natural reaction to society’s lack of connection with nature. Defined as a love for the living world, biophilia focusses on humanity’s innate need to be connected to the environment.

We require time outdoors to allow ourselves to benefit from the recuperative, restorative and invigorating energy we gain from the natural world; a Breeze House is the perfect place to become reenergised.

The open sided design of this collection allows you to sit in comfort whilst being surrounded by uninterrupted views – the best location to recuperate from the stresses of modern life.

Like an extra living room out-of-doors, these wonderfully versatile gazebos can house dining tables, day beds, wine fridges and wall-suspended TVs, depending on the size of building. With quality accessories, customisation options and a bespoke design service, a Breeze House offers everything to create an expression of personal style and a garden retreat which can be enjoyed all year round.

In the cooler months, switch on the heater and curl up with a steaming cup of hot chocolate to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature that you would usually miss, being cooped up indoors.

Embrace al fresco living at its best and combine the luxury of indoors with all the benefits of being outdoors with a Breeze House in a style and size to suit you.

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