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Carlo Abarth founded the Abarth & C. company with Cisitalia racing driver Guido Scagliarini in Bologna on 31 March 1949 using his astrological sign, the Scorpio, as the company logo.

He lead a life full of innovation, racing success and records, designing cars that left their unforgettable mark on Italian and international motoring.

The company had immediate success on track claiming second in the Mille Miglia endurance race and winning the Italian 1100 championship and Formula 2 title in its first year and the racing pedigree didn’t stop there…..

Abarth went on to achieve the astonishing legacy of 10 world records, 133 international records and over 10,000 track victories

Today, over 70 years on from its origins Carlo Abarth’s vision to take modest everyday cars and achieve levels of performance that simply defied belief through the application of design and engineering excellence is more alive than ever!

Through the combination of a legacy or engineering prowess, advanced modern design and the latest technology Abarth drivers are able to benefit from the perfect blend of power, superb handling and fuel efficiency, wrapped up with the inherent sporting character of a marque with racing in its very soul.

Always Abarth, Now Electric
Abarth has always been electrifying, now it’s electric! The Scorpionissima, Abarth’s first electric sports car, is a limited edition, with only 1949 units being produced – combining style, full electric power and a new immersive sound, the Scorpion high performance electric car turns energy into emotion, technology into adrenaline, and sustainability into performance.

Address: Pinley House, 2 Sunbeam Way
Coventry, Sl2 3DT
United Kingdom
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