MIDUAL – Type 1

On September 3rd, 2014 at Salon Privé, London, the French motorcycle manufacturer MIDUAL will unveil to Europe the two working prototypes of its MIDUAL Type 1 model.

After more than one year of intensive testing, including tens of thousands of miles on the public highway, the engine and the frame have been developed to meet all its creators’ requirements in providing exceptional riding pleasure, with the unique engine design thoroughly proven on the test bench, as the road.

Designed to be customized at will, the MIDUAL will be the perfect expression of its owner’s wildest dreams. A luxury item, tailored with unrivalled criteria of quality and excellence.


In 2016, MIDUAL plans to release its first series of 35 individually numbered motorcycles for sale in Europe.


Reservations for the purchase of a MIDUAL Type 1 are now being taken, and the first motorcycles have already been ordered for delivery in 2016.



- A globally unique longitudinally mounted flat-twin engine format

- A globally unique cast aluminum monocoque chassis

- A globally unique quality of manufacture and personalization

- And a spirit of two-wheeled excellence that’s indeed…. unique in the world!





Company Name: RDMO | Brand name: MIDUAL


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+33 (0) 643 108 268

Email: contact@midual.com
Web: www.midual.com